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We using japanese product from here
this product is really famous in japan.
the hair is premium Mink,Silk,Air sable,Feather,Color,​

This products point


The softest and lightest in the hair quality

There is no hardness like silk, because it is fluffy, it is a light and feathery image


The hair quality is soft and close to self eyelashes, it does not look like you are doing pineapple and it does not make you feel uncomfortable even when you are not making up.


The product can

Keeps a beautiful curl that faced the same direction for a long time


Air sable is more high quality than silk and mink material

Silk is hard, mink is softer than that, but Sable is more soft and has a supple peculiarity.

Although it is the impression actually attached,  it is close to the natural eyelashes even in the exterior, feeling attached really soft is also very light. From the root to the tip of the hair, the shape of each one is very beautiful so it will be naturally finished.

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